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   DIG-PA Awards  

DIG PA issues two awards:, the W-DIG-PA and the DIG-PA Postcode Award.

Both awards can be achieved by licensed amateurs and SWL's. 
The QSL cards need to be in your possession.

The award fee for both award is  5,= or US$ 5,=

Stickers for the W-DIG-PA for SASE.

Send you application with GCR list and SAL to:

Theo Kindts, PA3HEN, DIG 5419
Monteverdistraat 73
1447 NC  Purmerend
The Netherlands



This award can be obtained by making QSO's with Dutch DIG members. QSL cards from Dutch SWL's with DIG number are valid.
All QSO's valid after 1-January-1984 are valid, every QSL card counts for 1 point.

The award is issued for single or mixed mode/band and VHF (UKW).

Points needed for the awards:

Stations in The Netherlands  

30 points.
European stations: 20 points.
Stations outside Europe: 10 points.

For every 30 extra points a sticker is available. There are 4 different stickers.
From 1-1-1988 the Flevoland sticker is available for PI4DIG plus 3 DIG members from the province of Flevoland (FL)


 DIG-PA  Postcode Award 

To obtain this award you need confirmed contacts with Dutch stations and count their postcodes up to 500.000 points.

PA stations:
need all first numbers of a postcode 3 (e.g. 1245, 8912, 6601) 3 times.
EU stations: need all first numbers of a postcode once.
DX stations: may multiply the sum of points by 2.

No mode or band restrictions. CW and/or VHF endorsements are possible.
All QSO's after 01-01-2000 are valid. The postcode has to be printed or stamped on the QSL card. Dutch SWL cards are also valid.
Applicationform in Excel can be found here.

Apply for the award with GCR list with Call, date, Postcode, QTH, Mode and Band.