SPECIAL CALLS AND EVENTS                                                                                                                                 Up date 21 November 2014


                                               Onderaan de lijst staan de speciale calls geldig tot 31 december 2014 en later



01/12/2013: DM50PCK celebrates 50 years of amateur radio in Schwedt and also 50 years of the Russian Druzbha pipeline network terminating in Schwedt. QRV from December 1 until the end of November 2014. The local club also issues an award during that time (see their website). QSL via bureau, eQSL.


25/01/2014: This is the year of "Homecoming" in Scotland,  a celebration  aimed at attracting the Scottish Diaspora as well as those interested  in Scotland and its traditions. Licensed amateurs  with a main station address in Scotland will be permitted to use the special prefix "A" (GA, MA, 2A) instead of the usual "M" from 25 January (Burns Night) to 30 November (St. Andrew's Day). "A" stands for Alba,  the Gaelic name  for Scotland.  An award is  sponsored by the  GMDX Group, see http://dx-world.net/2014/homecoming-scotland-ga-ma-2a-prefixes/ for the details. [TNX DX World]


01/03/2014: Special calls YL2014A, YL2014B, YL2014C, YL2014D, YL2014E, YL2014F, YL2014G, YL2014I, YL2014J, YL2014l, YL2014M, YL2014O, YL2014S, YL2014U, YL2014W, YL2014X, YL2014Y, YL2014Z for Riga, Europe's Cultural Capital City of 2014 on the bands from March 1st to November 30th 2014. QRV on 160-10m in CW, SSB, and RTTY. http://riga2014.org/eng/ or  https://www.facebook.com/Riga2014


01/06/2014: Memorial Radio Station 8J2GAMA for the 60th Anniversary of Gamagori City. Operate Information: 1 June to Nov.30 2014. QTH:Gamagori-city Aichi JAPAN, JCC:2015. QSL information. We'll send all QSLs via the QSL-BURO. (We don't need your QSL.). If you don't have QSL-BURO, plese request QSL to JI2NTJ via postl mail with SASE + 1IRC or 1Green stmp. QSL manager: Kouji Oda (JI2NTJ), 887 Araimae Fusou cho, Gamagori-city Aichi, 443-0054  JAPAN. Web page: 8j2gama.jp


01/07/2014: Look for special event station 8J9WSH to be active on all bands and modes from 1 July till 30 November 2014 to celebrate the Opening of 7/20 Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway. "Wakasaji (or Wakasa Corridor), a District of Beautiful Sea, Lakes and History" Campaign / The Full Open of the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway. QSL via the JARL Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/09/2014: 8N2S5X operates in the context of the 50th anniversary of the high speed train Tokaido Shinkansen until the end of November. QSL via bureau and ClubLog. http://shinkansen50.jp/


13/09/2014: The Ome Amateur Radio Club celebrates the 50th anniversary of the town Ome until December 13 with the call 8J150ZYG. QSL automatically via bureau.


15-10-2014: Members of the Liga Radioamatorilor Bucovinen celebrate the 35th anniversary of the radio club YO8KZA in Campulung Moldovenesc with the call YP35KZA. QRV until Dec. 30. There is also an award available unti 31 January 2015. QSL via YO8RAA, LoTW, eQSL.


16/10/2014L DR60INN ist eine Sonderstation anlässlich 60 Jahre DARC Ortsverband Inn-Salzach (DOK C15). Die Sonderstation ist vom 16. Oktober 2014 bis einschließlich 16. November 2014 QRV und vergibt zusätzlich den Sonder DOK 60C15. Die Aktivitätszeiten lassen sich über folgenden LINK einsehen. Das Sonder Rufzeichen wird ausschließlich von OV Mitgliedern aktiviert. Weitere Informationen über unseren Ortsverband finden Sie auf unserer Homepage. www.C-15.de


01/11/2014: We are ready to be on the air from 01 to 30 November 2014 with our special call 7U60AR for celebrate our 60th anniversary of the outbreak national war . This event it's very important for Algerian peoples , so your participation be very important for us , and it's very appreciate . We are 4 operators be active for this special events (7X5AV op Djamel,7X4RJ op Abder, 7X2RD op Garti and 7X2JV op Noury ) in all bands HF and all mode (digi mode, SSB and CW) .  For all Amateurs radio of  world are interesting  for the special Trophy  7U60AR should contact our station on four (04) different bands (mono mode or mixte mode) , send your  log with 15USD and your exact adress  to the manager 7X2RD before 31 December 2014 , for QSL Card send your QSL to the manager 7X2RD with only 2USD.


01/11/2014: Belgian Telecom authorities (BIPT) granted to all Belgian stations the privilege to use the OP prefix to Commemorate the Great War between November 1-30th of each year and until 2018 (included). QSL via operators' instructions. [OPDX Bulletin]

01/11/2014: Members of the club stataion ON4HRT honour the memory of WW I victims with the call ON1418HRT during November. QSLs automatically via bureau, your card is not needed.


01/11/2014: Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Serra dos  Orgaos  National Park, the Grupo de Radioamadores de Teresopolis will be  active  as ZW75PSO on 1-30 November. Expect activity on SSB,  CW  and  digital modes on the HF bands. QSL via PY2AA (bureau) or direct  to  GRATE, Caixa Postal 93407,  Teresopolis  -  RJ,  25961-970,  Brazil.  [TNX PY1NB]


01/11/2014: Poland is situated on the Baltic Sea. This is an inland sea, and therefore Poland was never  forced to have a strong navy. Nevertheless ,on November 28, 1627, our fleet fought  the battle of the Gdansk roadstead with the Swedish naval squadron of warships. With similar forces on both sides, the Polish ships have achieved an  undisputed victory.  The historians called it the Battle of Olive. To celebrate the 386 anniversary of the victorious battle a commemorative  station  will be run under the special event callsign HF2014BPO. The station will operate from November 1st to December 6th 2014.


08/11/2014: Special-Event Stations 3Z2014DK (SP8AJC) HF2014DK (SP6IEQ) SN2014DK (SP5DZC)  operating on 08-25.11.2014 for the The Railwayman’s Day 2014.


15/11/2014: W7O (WHISKEY SEVEN OSCAR) is a special-event station to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of OSCAR 7 on 15 November 1974 at 1711 UTC on a Delta rocket from Vandenberg AFB in California.  Stations will be on HF (see spreadsheet for W7O HF schedule) and the various amateur satellites as W7O between 15 and 24 November 2014, UTC time. 


17/11/2014: Special call SN750NMT from 17 to 30 November 2014 to celebrate 750 Years Of Location New City Torun.


17/11/2014: PD6SINT is a dutch Special Event Station to celebrate the yearly dutch SINTERKLAAS festivities. PD6SINT runs from 17-11-2014 till 14-12-2014. Special QSL-card via de dutch QSL Bureau to PD6SINT. Direct QSL also welcome with SAE and 2 GS-$$


17/11/2014: The ARC is a ‘must do’ for many sailors, and attracts over 200 boats and 1200 people every year to sail 2700 Nautic Miles across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint LuciaEG8ARC will be on air from 17 to 23 November to celebrate this incredible adventure. We hope all the best to all participants in the Rally. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been the 'home port' of the ARC since the very first edition of the rally in 1986.  It is a natural departure point for boats crossing the Atlantic from Europe to the Caribbean, and all summer and autumn boats will converge on the port of Las Palmas from northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Gran Canaria is located at the edge of the trade wind belt, so boats leaving the Canary Islands will sail south (until the butter melts, as the saying goes) until they pick up the north east tradewinds which then blow them west across the Atlantic.  The ARC starts in late November when the trade winds become established, and the boats arrive at the end of the Caribbean hurricane season.


21/11/2014: Special Callsigns AU2JCB and AT1JCB Activation from Rajkot (Gujarat – INDIA),  Starting 21st November 2014  to 9th December 2014. Primary aim is to celebrate Birth Anniversary (30 Nov.) of Great Indian Scientist Aacharya Jagdish Chandra Bose & aware the world for his scientific achievements. He is well known as the “Father of Wireless Communication”. His demonstration in 1895 & 1897 predates all. Please visit  http://www.qsl.net/vu2msy/JCBOSE.htm   for info about Aacharya J.C.BOSE & his work. AT1JCB specially activated on Digital Modes by active Amateur Radio Operator VU2EXP – Rajesh Vagadia, from Rajkot (Gujarat) INDIA.  The Details of operation: Period: 21st November 2014 [from 0000 UTC] to 9th December 2014 [2359 UTC]. Only Digital Modes: PSK31, PSK63, PSK125, JT65, JT9, RTTY, SIM31, ROS, Olivia etc. Bands: 10 M/ 15M / 20M / 40M. QSL: LOTW / eQSL / Direct to VU2EXP


21/11/2014: The south-central Cuba celebrates the 500th anniversary of the two World Heritage cities founded in 1514 (Sancti Spíritus and Trinidad).  A special event will be held including a transmission from La Boca, a rural settlement of about 387 inhabitants Located at 21° 47'53" N coordinates 80 ° 1'57" W. A group of operators in the province are getting together to work the special station  CO0SS which will be active from November 21, 2014 until November 23, 2014, using the following calling frequencies and modes.


21/11/2014: Look for the special call VP8KF/100 to be aired to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Coronel until 12th December, 2014. QSL via G3VPW and LoTW. [DX-World]

22/11/2014: Special event station 8J1KP will be active on all bands and modes between 22nd November and 31st December 2014 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Koganei Park. The park is the second largest park in the Metropolitan Tokyo Area, Tokyo prefecture, Kanto region, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

25/11/2014: Special call EG7EVG for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.


01/12/2014: Special Call A43YOTA for Youngsters On The Air. QRV from 1/12/2014 till 22/12/2014 AT ROARS HQ. For more info please contact A41MA a41ma@hotmail.com


01/12/2014: The School Amateur Radio Club SP3PGR will be active as special event station SN100LP on the dates: from 10th to 19th March, from 5th to 14th May, from 4th to 13th August, from 1st to 10th December to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Jozef Pilsudski Polish Legions 1914-1918.


01/12/2014: Be ready to celebrate 100 years of distant action RUSSIA Military Air Forces together with as. Find of air 1-31 December special event call R100DA and receive QSL-card and award made of International Flying Ham Club "Fifth Ocean" and AFARU to this dates.


01/12/2014: OT500AV special call to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Andreas Vasalius, the father of Anatomy. Operation from December 1 until December 31 on all bands with focus on 40, 20 and 6 meter.  QSL via ON4PM.


07/12/2014: Special call 4Y1A for the International Civil Aviation Day. Activation of new callsign by the Vienna International Amateur Radio Club at the at Vienna International Centre is to attract worldwide attention.











Speciale calls tot 31 december 2014 en later.



01/11/2013: Look for special event station II8IDXC (suffix "International DX Convention") to be active between November 2013 and May 2015. Activity is to publicize the 10th anniversary of "International DX Convention" that will be held in Paestum, Italy, in April 2015. Operations will be on the HF bands and 6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL Manager is IZ8EDJ. For more info, see, http://www.dxitalia.it


25/12/2013: T6EUPOL is the official ham radio station of the European Union Police (EUPOL) Mission in Afghanistan. The station is operated by Janusz, home callsign: AK4JK. QSL only direct to the AK4JK postal address together with the SAE plus USA $2 for postage.


01/01/2014: The Bulgarian Club Blagovestnik sponsors this award for contacting different special call signs honouring Bulgarian Orthodox Saints beginning with the first one in 2013.

For 2014, these callsigns are 12:

LZ1375PRB      from     01.01.2014 until 31.01.2014
LZ1950SAS      from     01.02.2014 until 28.02.2014
from     01.03.2014 until 31.03.2014
from     01.04.2014 until 30.04.2014
from     01.05.2014 until 31.05.2014
from     01.06.2014 until 30.06.2014
from     01.07.2014 until 31.07.2014
from     01.08.2014 until 31.08.2014
from     01.09.2014 until 30.09.2014
from     01.10.2014 until 31.10.2014
from     01.11.2014 until 30.11.2014
from     01.12.2014 until 31.12.2014

Info: http://www.lz1kcp.com/


01/01/2014: Special Event Calls DB50FIRAC, LX50FIRAC and LX50CFL to celebrating 50 years of "FIRAC" Fédération Internationale des RadioAmateurs Cheminots from 01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014.


01/01/2014:  Special callsign 8J7T will be active on all bands and modes during the entire year of 2014. Activity is to celebrate the Birth of Takizawa-city (JCC #0316), Iwate prefecture, Tohoku region, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan. New JCC Takizawa city, IWATE (JCC 0316) will be established on 1 January, 2014. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]


01/01/2014: Kristianstad 400 Year. We will activate with the special call 7S400K on all mode and bands during the year. You will find the callsign active from 2014-01-01 to 2014-12-31 More info abouth radioclub at www.sk7bq.com


01/01/2014L Norway`s 200 years constitution anniversary Norwegian Constitution was adopted at Eidsvoll in 1814 and thus celebrates its 200th anniversary next year . This will be marked by a series of activities around the country during the year 2014 . NRRL also wish that Norwegian radio amateurs to be part of this celebration , and searched the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority ( NPT ) for permission to use the special call signs to mark the anniversary : "PT permission for the Norwegian radio amateur with callsign LA may use the prefix LI ( Lima India) and radio amateur with callsign LB can use LJ ( Lima Juliett ) . The permit is valid for the anniversary year of 2014, and applies only to amateur radio traffic from mainland Norway . In addition to the general authorization for all Norwegian radio amateurs have Gardermogruppen received permission to use the special callsign LM2014 - that they will try to get operated from the Eidsvoll.


01/01/2014: Special Callsign HB40VC. valid 1.1. - 31.12. 2014 to celebrating the 40th anniversary of RACS (Radio Amateur Club Swissair). QSL to qsl manager via Buro or direct with SASE and €, US$. QSL manager HB9DKZ, Hans-Juerg


01/01/2014: The special call DP90RKS call is valid from 1.1.2014 - 31.12.2014. Special DOK: 90RCKS. The "Radioklub Kassel" was founded at 5.2.1924.


01/01/2014: DK40BOSCH will be on the air from Jan 1st 2014 until Dec 31st 2014 to celebrate 40 years Ham Radio activity within the Bosch group. Special DOK: 40 RB. QSL via: buro, direct, please include: your QSL with QSO details, self addressed envelope (SAE), at least 1US-$ to cover the shipping expense. Address: Robert Bosch GmbH, Eberhard Wolf, KSF, Robert- Bosch- Platz 1, 70839 Gerlingen- Schillerhoehe, Germany.


01/01/2014: The FCC has authorized the Maxim Memorial Station W1AW to also use the call sign W100AW during 2014, the ARRL's centennial year. Contacts made from the Maxim Memorial Station in Newington, from regional Centennial conventions, and during the IARU HF Championship will use W100AW, with portable designators as appropriate. The "W1AW WAS" operations throughout 2014 from each of the 50 states will use W1AW, not W100AW. Bulletins and code practice transmissions during 2014 also will still use W1AW. Contacts with W100AW will be worth 100 points in the ARRL Centennial QSO Party. To help kick off the ARRL Centennial, special W100AW activity will begin at 0500 UTC on January 1, 2014. (midnight in Newington), and will include participation in ARRL's Straight Key Night; one CW station will use Hiram Percy Maxim's straight key. Activity will continue throughout New Year's Day.


01/01/2014: Special callsign DQ25GRENZE for 25 years German Unity and the fallen border. Starting Jan 1st. 2014 until Dec. 31st 2014 from historic sites in North Germany. Person in responsible - DJ7AO - DARC OV E39 – Ratzeburg


01/01/2014: Special Event Call A91YA for Year of Art - from: 01 January 2014 to 31 December 2014


01/01/2014: 25 years ago, on December 16-th 1989, the population of Timisoara got out on the streets. This was the beginning of the Romanian Revolution. In recollection of the victims of the fight against the forces of the former regime on the first days of Timisoara's popular movement, we activate this special call YP1989TM commemorating 25 years from the fall of the communist system and the establishment of democracy in Romania. Duringn 2014, special call signs using the prefix YP25 will also be active. Some calls: YP25LLZ YP25MNE YP25LRK YP25SH YP25MTG YP25LGS YP25MKL YP25MSP YP25CJX YP25MCK YP25MBU YP25MNC YP25LOJ


01/01/2014: Special event station 8J3ZUKA is currently QRV on all bands and modes until 31 March 2015 to celebrate Takarazuka(-city)'s Triple Anniversay - (1) The 100th Anniversary of The Takarazuka Revue, (2) The 60th Anniversary of Takarazuka-city and (3) The 20th Anniversary of The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum. The City of Takarazuka is located in Hyogo prefecture, Kansai region, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via the bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]


01/01/2014: Special Event Stations EM50JA and EO50JA for 50 years of Mountain Rescue of Crimea (MRC) 1964 - 2014. The Mountain Rescue of Crimea (MRC) was created under Crimean region council of tourism and excursion in March 1964. The main idea of the MRC is preventive maintenance and help to groups of tourists, climbers, etc. in the mountain-forest zone of Crimea. All info about special event and Mountain Rescue of Crimea you can find on our website: http://kss.crimea.ua . EM50JA will operate all 2014. We plan near 10 expeditions in the Crimea mountains in the year. Our operators (members of the MRC):UU2JO, UU5JA, UU5JIP, UU5JDX, UU5JMW, UU5JMK, UU5JRD, UU5JKP, UU8JA, DD4IL, DJ4IL, DL3FCU, DJ6EB, DO1IM, RZ3CC, UR5FIR, UR6LED, UU0JU, UU1JJ, UU2JC, UU2JI, UU3JS, UU4JLZ, UU4JDZ, UU4JAR, UU5JAR, UU5JC, UU5JJ, UU5JRV, UU5JSA, UU5JSS, UU5JTT, UV5ESZ, UV5EUK, UY7IQ. You can find in the BANDs also EM50JA/p, EM50JA/a from different part of Ukraine. All info about past expeditions you can find here. Please QSL via bureau you can send via UY7IQ,QSL direct via UU5JA: P.O.Box 88, Simferopol, Crimea, 95000 UKRAINE. CU in the air, frends! 73s de EM50JA team.


01/01/2014: Radio Club "Mihajlo  Pupin"  (YU7AAA)  will  use  special  callsign YT0PUPIN until 31 December to mark the  160th  anniversary  of  the birth of the noted scientist Mihajlo  Pupin. QSL via YT7WA. [TNX YT7WA]


01/01/2014: OV Mainz, DL0MZ, will be celebrating 60 years of activity and will be active between January 1st and December 31st, 2014, as DL60JMZ from the special DOK 60K07. QSL via the Bureau.


01/01/2014: The callsign EI30T (Echo India Three Zero Tango) has been issued to Justin EI3CTB as a special callsign to use during 2014 to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of his amateur radio licence issued in 1984. This is the first time the prefix EI30 has been issued. Please QSL direct (Justin Behan, 25 Birchdale Road, Kinsealy Court, Kinsealy, Co Dublin, Ireland) including $2 and a self addressed envelope or with OQRS. Cards without return postage will be returned via the bureau. Online log will be hosted by ClubLog. Website: www.qrz.com/db/EI30T [DxCoffee]


01/01/2014: Special Call J400EG in 2014 for Year of Domenikos Theotokopoulos - El Greco 1614 – 2014. 400 years from his death.


01/01/2014: Special call DK40ECH to celebrate 4Ø years OV Eching, C26 with Special DOK: 4ØC26 from 1.1.2014 - 31.12.2014. For more information please see our home page: http://40jahre.c26.de


01/01/2014: Special call sign S567O is QRV during 2014 to celebrate the long term of the president of the Radio Club Cerkno by Miran Voncina, S50O. QSL via operators' instrctions.


01/01/2014:  Special event station 8J1AOBA is currently active until 31 December 2014, to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Aoba-ward (in Yokohama-city). QSL via the JARL Bureau.


01/01/2014: DJ60DXMB (special DOK 60DXMB) is going to celebrate in 2014 our own DXNL's 60th anniversary. The first issue of the DXMB (the German language version) was published on April 15 1954. QSLs for DJ60DXMB via bureau and eQSL, DK0DX and DA0HQ via bureau. DK0DX and DJ60DXMB have their rota available online: http://dcl.darc.de/~dcl/planer/plan.php?acall=all [DXNL]


01/01/2014: 20. Jahrestag der Heimkehr der Royal Air Force Gatow RAFG zu Ehren mit dem Sonder-Call DR20RAFG für das Jahr 2014.


01/01/2014: Special Event Call DR800BI and special DOK 800BI for 800 Years City of Bielefeld until 31.12.2014.


01/01/2014: Special Event Station EO50J for 1964 - 2014 - 50 years of Mountain Rescue of Crimea (MRC). The Mountain Rescue of Crimea (MRC) was created under Crimean region council of tourism and excursion in March 1964. The main idea of the MRC is preventive maintenance and help to groups of tourists, climbers, etc. in the mountain-forest zone of Crimea. All info about special event stations you can find here: http://www.hamradio.crimea.ua and about Mountain Rescue of Crimea- here: http://kss.crimea.ua EO50J will operate all 2014. We plan near 10 expeditions in the Crimea mountains in the year. Our operators (members of the MRC):UU2JO, UU5JA, UU5JIP, UU5JDX, UU5JMW, UU5JMK, UU5JRD, UU5JKP, UU8JA, DD4IL, DJ4IL, DL3FCU, DJ6EB, DO1IM, RZ3CC, UR5FIR, UR6LED, UU0JU, UU1JJ, UU2JC, UU2JI, UU3JS, UU4JLZ, UU4JDZ, UU4JAR, UU5JAR, UU5JC, UU5JJ, UU5JRV, UU5JSA, UU5JSS, UU5JTT, UV5ESZ, UV5EUK, UY7IQ. You can find in the BANDs also EO50J/p, EO50J/a from different part of Ukraine. All info about past expeditions you can find here. PleaseQSL via bureauyou can sendvia UY7IQ,QSL direct via UU5JA: P.O.Box 88, Simferopol, Crimea, 95000 UKRAINE


01/01/2014: Special callsign LZ60KSP from January 1st 2014 – December 31th 2014  to celebrating 60th anniversary of LZ1KSP – the on air sign of radio club of Plovdiv. Thousands of people are part of this glory history and everyone has left a part of his life at radioclub. HF, VHF, contesting, DX-ing, ARDF, HSCW, radio constructing. A special QSL card will be issued to confirm every contact made with . There will be a diploma later this year. Rules will be published on http://www.qrz.com/db/LZ60KSP


01/01/2014: Special Call DM200TSV for the event "200 Years Sport in Friedland/Mecklenburg" QRV until 31.12.2014 !  QSL goes via DARC about Summer/Autumn automatic.


01/01/2014: Founded in 1984, Radiogrupo Sur (http://rgs30.radiogruposur.org) will use CW30A and CV3D during 2014 to celebrate their 30th anniversary. QSL direct to CX2ABC. Mainly from antenna field near Juanico, Canelones; 35 km north of Montevideo city, capital of Uruguay. Now with three 24 mts. towers with a multi-band Mosley antenna, 2 x 5 ele 15mts Yagis, 3 elements 40 mts and many dipoles. We are in constantly re-building of the towers, antennas and the shack. We are only two years in this new place, and only work on Sundays!!!


01/01/2014: Special Call DQ0HARZ from 01.01.-31.12.2014. DQ0HARZ (DOk H09; Special DOK 114DWT during August) operates in this context throughout the year. Operators Wolfgang, DF1OA, Peter, DF7AA, Juergen, DH7AA, Werner, DK6AR, and Andy, DK6AN, plan to get on the air from different locations in the region; including the railway museum in Vienenburg on May 18 and Bad Harzburg hosts the 114th German Hiking Day from the 9th to the 18th of August. QSL DQ0HARZ via DF7AA, LotW. http://www.amateurfunk-vienenburg.de  http://www.deutscher-wandertag-2014.de/startseite.html


01/01/2014: Special call EI14LCC in the year 2014 because Limerick City of Culture 2014.


01/01/2014: Special call LM2T75Y will be used from January till the end of 2014  for celebretions Trondheimgruppens 75 years old club station.


01/01/2014:  Special event station 8J7T is currently active until 31 December 2014, to celebrate Birth of Takizawa-city. QSL via the JARL Bureau.


01/01/2014: Special Call HF45PBW for 45 years of Military Club of Ham Radio Operators till 31 December 2014. For "SP1PBW 45 lat w eterze" Award contact with this station is 10 points worth. Visit: http://www.sp1pbw.pl/Dyplom/SP1PBW_45lat.html


28/01/2014: The "Polski Klub Radiowideografii" (PK RVG) celebrates its 30th jubilee with the callsigns SN30RVG and HF30RVG from 28.01.2014 do 31.12.2014. A diploma is available. QSL via SP2UUU. http://www.pkrvg.org/strona,11.html


01/02/2014: SE2014ECC is a special call for celebrating the town of Umeå as European Capital of Culture 2014. FURA, Umeå Amateur Radio Society (SK2AT) and some of it’s members will activate a total of nine (9) calls during the year of 2014. Around these calls an award program will be presented from February 2014. More information at http://www.FURA.se! .The nine calls are: SC2014ECC (main call) Swedish Culture 2014 European Capital of Culture, SB2014ECC, SD2014ECC, SE2014ECC, SF2014ECC, SG2014ECC, SH2014ECC, SI2014ECC, SJ2014ECC. You will find more information about UMEÅ 2014 at http://www.umea2014.se/en


01/02/2014: A special event station 8J1TZ20Y will be activated on all bands until 31 December 2014 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tsuzuki-ward (in Yokohama-city).


01/02/2014: The HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club will be on the air until december 31, 2014 using the special callsign HB14SAF. SAF stands for Swiss Air Force. The year 2014 marks a special occasion for the Swiss Air Force, celebrating her 100th anniversary. Various events will be held throughout the year, but the air show AIR14 PAYERNE will undoubtedly, be the climax. AIR14 PAYERNE will also be the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Patrouille Suisse and the 25 years that the PC-7 TEAM has existed. For more details, please visit: http://www.air14.ch/internet/air14/en/home.html . This is a HB4FR "Clin d'Ailes" Swiss Air Force Museum HAM Radio Club activity http://www.hb4fr.ch/


01/02/2014: TCSWAT is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the special callsign TC10SWAT between 1 February and 31 December 2014.


01/02/2014: Roman, OM3TOW, is now active as OM44LTE until December 31st. This special event callsign is being used to celebrate the allocation of frequencies for the LTE – Long Term Evolution (800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz) in the Slovak Republic. Operator Roman is a spokesman of Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (ex name is Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic). The Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services is the independent regulatory authority and pricing authority in the sector of electronic communications and postal services. QSL only via eQSL. If someone needs a "paper QSL" for some award, please send direct only via his QSL Manager Patrik, OM3RP, with a SAE and sufficient postage.


01/03/2014: Sam, LY5W, located in Kaunas, Lithuania (WW Loc. KO15TA), is now active until 31st December 2014 with the special callsign LY10NATO to mark Lithuania's joining of NATO 10 years ago. QSL via LY5W, direct or Bureau. Log will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. Sam welcomes stamps for his collection in direct letters. [DXNL]


01/03/2014: Special event station E750EB on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Akademski Radio Klub E74EBL (ex YU4EBL). QRV from 01. March during to end of year 2014.


01/03/2014: OZ75AAL is a Special Event Call used to celebrate the 75 years anniversary of the radio club OZ8JYL located in Aalborg, Denmark. The club was inaugurated in August 1939 as a local branch of the Danish Radio Amateur Association (Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører). The club is among the largest in Denmark hosting approximately 170 members representing many different ages and radio-related interests. We have our club station located down-town Aalborg but we also expect to operate portable as OZ75AAL/P. Further, you may also meet us during some of the major contests throughout 2014. Our Special Event call sign will remain active from March 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.


01/03/2014: Special Call DM50TOR to celebrate 50 Jahre Radioklub Torgau, DARC-Ortsverband S69 from 01-03-2014 to 28-02-2015 with special DOK RKT50.


01/03/2014: Special callsign IY1GMS to mark the 100th anniversary of the appointment of Guglielmo Marconi Life Senator of the Kingdom of Italy, December 30, 1914. Validity from March 1 to December 31, 2014, managed by the guys of the Ari Bra Club under the supervision of Flavio IK1SPR. For those who want to receive QSL via Direct , please send a SASE (stamped envelope) via IK1SPR, you answer anyway via buro of All QSLs received.


01/03/2014: Special call EM90WF from 1 March to 31 December 2014 to commemorate 90-th birthday anniversary of Vladimir "Ham Dad" Goncharsky U5WF SK


01/03/2014: Members of the Akademski Radio Klub in Banja Luka are QRV with special call sign E750EBL until the end of 2014 to celebrate their club's 50th anniversary on the air. QSL via E77E.


03/03/2014: Takasago-city was given city status on 1.Jul.1954. 8N3TA is a memorial and special amateur radio station of Takasago-city's 60th anniversary. Takasago-city is located in Kinki region(JA3) , about 35km west of Kobe-city,  bordering the Seto Inland Sea. Population of Takasago-city is about 100,000. "Takasago" means celebration at wedding in old Japanese. We announce ourself "Bridal City". An ancient regional food is "Anago" like an eel. Nowadays, the city boast manufacturing industry. Operating information DATE : since 03.Mar.2014 to 31.Mar.2015. QTH   : Takasago-city ,Hyogo, Japan. JCC# : 2717. WAJA#: 27. 8N3TA/3 is same data. QSL information: We'll send all QSLs via the QSL-bureau. And, we don't need your QSL. If you don't have QSL-bureau, please request QSL to JH3LBD via postal mail with SAE.


06/03/2014: This special event station PG200KMAR will be activate from March 2014 until Februari 2015 in 6 periods: from March 6 until April 2, 2014; from May 1st until May 28, 2014; from June 26 until July 23, 2014; from Augustus 21 until September 17, 2014; from October 17 until November 12, 2014 and from December 11, 2014 until January 7, 2015. It signs the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Koninklijke Marechaussee, the Dutch Military Police force. During this periods IPA members of the IPA-Radio Club will be active on HF, VHF and UHF in all modes, also PSK31 and RTTY. All QSL's will be send after all activities via the bureau, but direct received QSL+$ (1 $ for Europe and 2 $ for outside Europe) and SAE will be answered direct. Please do not send IRC's. We cannot use them at the postoffice here. All eQSL's also will be confirmed with paper QSL. Attention! The QSL card of PG200KMAR counts for 2 points for the Windmill Award. You only need 3 points. So count one other QSO with an IPARC-PA member (TIP: ask the operator for a home call sign QSO) and you can obtain the award. See also our websites www.iparc.tk or http://iparc.ipa-nederland.nl Visit also our club call sign PI4IPA and http://www.ipa-nederland.nl/district/ipa-radioamateurs/welkom-bij-de-iparc/.


10/03/2014: Radio Club Nikola Tesla YU1HQR Sabac commemorate the 100th anniversary of the famous battle on the mountain Cer 1914 which is located close to the city to 31 December 2014 will use the special callsign YU100CER in memory of the victims. By way of management and outcome, Cer Battle is a masterpiece of the art of war, and as a remarkable example of the transition from the strategic defense of their counterattacks, she is still studying at major military academies, including West Point and the U.S. For this event special QSL cards will be printed.



20/03/2014: Jászszentlászló Village celebrates its 140-year foundation in 2014. We as Jászszentlászló origins commemorate this event by establishing a special callsign amateur radio station HG140JLO. The suffix "JLO" is for abbreviation of our mother village's name. The club station's original callsign is HA8KUX. The special callsign is valid till 31st December, 2014. This callsign will be in air alternately either from Jászszentlászló (loc: JN96vn) or from Szeged (loc: KN06bg). Szeged is a larger city in the south of Hungary.


22/03/2014: The 30th anniversary of the "Diplom Interessen Gruppe" in the Netherlands will be celebrated with the special callsign PI30DIG during the year. Activity periods include March 22 to April 18; September 1 to 28 and finally December 3 to 31. The call will also be active in all DIG activities (QSO Party, Roundtables). A diploma is also available, see http://www.dig-pa.net/. QSL requests for PI30DIG via ClubLog.


01/04/2014: The 90th anniversary of the Zagreb radioclub is celebrated on the air with the special event callsign 9A90Z until the end of the year. An award is available. QSL via 9A3JB, LoTW/eQSL. info http://www.rkz.hr/pages/award_zagreb90_en.htm


01/04/2014: Belgian Amateur Radio Clubstation Ieper website : www.on4ipr.be . Project 100 years : Hopital CLEP WW1 in 2015. Special Call ON15CLEP for Remember 100 years WO1 in "Flanders Fields" in The Hopital CLEP. Operating from the Amateur Clubstation Ieper (Belgium). From 1th April 2015 to 30th July 2015. we will use as many bands as possible and be on as often as we can. QRV HF 80 meter SSB on 3670 kHz, QRV HF 40 meter SSB on 7070 khz, QRV VHF 2 meter FM on 145450 khz, QRV UHF 70 cm FM on 433,500 Mhz, QRV VHF 2 meter SSB on 144,270 Mhz. Special Event Location in the city Hoogstade (Alveringem). Maidenhead Locator: JO10KU. QSL information: We confirm our QSO with a special event ON 15 CLEP qsl-card. Direct to the above address including: Belgium : SAE Europe / World SAE + $2. Via Bureau : free.


01/04/2014: Special callsign DF400SJA  and special DOK: 400SJA for  400 years Castle Johannisburg Aschaffenburg / Bavaria till 31st December, 2014.



05/04/2014: The special call HG100ATOM will be QRV until the end of the year around running competitions of the "Atom 100 sorozat versenyei" (Atom 100 series) by members of the "Paks Radio Club" (HA3DX) and the "Radio Club Szekszard" (HA3KNA) on all bands in all modes. A diploma is available. QSL via HA3KNA.  Info  http://ha3kna.hu/?page_id=725&lang=hu


20/04/2014: From April 20 to January 31, 2015, the amateur radio club Zushi (JA1YUU) will celebrate its 60th anniversary on the air with the special call 8J1ZC.


29/04/2014: Special callsign station HF80PLOCK to commemorate 80 years of amateur radio activities in Plock and to promote the city of Plock from April 29th, 2014 till December 31st, 2014.


01/05/2014: DM100CTK is a special callsign for 100 years Carl-Thiem-clinical-center Cottbus  1914 - 2014 from 2014 May 1 to 2015 April 30. QSL via bureau: DM100CTK. QSL via direct: DF1XC


01/05/2014: DARC's chapter in Chemnitz-Sued (S54) has supported their local SOS Children's Village for more than 5 years now with donations and other charity activities. The club now reissues their SOS Children's Village Award under the new name KIDS Award to raise awareness of their activities. To that end they also run the special event call DM20KIDS (1 May 2014 - 30 April 2015), counting 10 points towards the award. QSLs will be sent automatically via the bureau and eQSL.  http://dm2kl.de/index.html   http://www.sos-kinderdoerfer.de/unsere-arbeit/wo-wir-helfen


31/05/2014: Special event station DM50GRH for 50 years amateur radio in Grossenhain and 100 years airfield Grossenhain. On the air from 31-05-2014 to 31-12-2014. Special-DOK 31. Mai - 30. Juni 2014: 50XL.


01/06/2014: Horrem , Stadtteil Kerpens, wird nach urkundlicher Erwähnung in diesem Jahr 1150 Jahre alt. Aus diesem Anlass führt der OV Kerpen G29 vom 01.06.2014 bis 31.12.2014 das Sonderrufzeichen DK0HORREM und den Sonder DOK Horrem.


01/06/2014: Special event station 8J1INUBO will be active on all bands and modes between 1st June and 31st December 2014 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Inubosaki Lighthouse (November 15, 1874). The lighthouse (WLOTA 2376) is located on Cape Inubo, in the city of Choshi (JCC 1202), Kanto region, Chiba Prefecture, island of Honshu (AS-007), Japan. QSL via the Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]


01/06/2014: Special Call DQ60WAE marks the 60th anniversary of the WAE DC Contest on the air until May 2015. QSL via DF1QR, eQSL


01/06/2014; OF60A is a special call sign of Vaasan kuutoset ry - Vasa sexorna rf club station to celebrate the clubs 60th anniversary. The call sign will be used between June 2014 until the end of December 2014 on various occasions (there's IOTA activities planned, Lighthouse plans, VHF-plans and a few other events as well). The bigger activity plans will be published here, on the clubs website and through The Daily DX once the plans become sure to happen. You can also expect the call sign to be used during Sporadic E's on 6m and 2m. QSLs for OF60A go via OH6GDX, either direct or via bureau. NOTE: QSL-cards will be printed in January 2015, when all QSO's are held with this call, and cards will be processed immedeately after receiving them from the printers.



01/07/2014: To mark Hisaichi wa mirai e (or The Disaster Area, toward the Future) special event station 8J7INORI will be active on all bands and modes between 1 July 2014 and 31 March 2015. QSL via the Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/07/2014: Special event station E72NATO is QRV until the end of 2014 to commemorate the cooperation of NATO and Bosnia-Herzegovina that was established in 2006. QSL via E73Y.

01/07/2014: Between July 2014 and July 2015 4U1GSC Amateur Radio Club will be using a special callsign, 4U20B, to commemorate 20th anniversary of UN Logistics Base, Brindisi. QSL via 9A2AA. In 1994, the UN Logistics Base (UNLB) was established by the United Nations to meet the logistics needs of an ever growing number of Peacekeeping Missions. Memorandum of Understanding regarding the use of base premises by the UN  was signed with the Government of Italy on 23 November 1994.  From a depot of materiel in transit to the field missions to a broad service capability of the Organization, which is a lifeline for the success of our operations worldwide, UN Logistics Base has transformed into the UN Global Service Center, which continues to provide the port of departure, safe haven and gateway to the world.  


01/07/2014: Special call DR125HLK and Sonder DOK HF231 for 125 Jahre Hochseekutter "Landrath Küster" Hafen Finkenwerder from  01.07.2014 - 30.06.2015. birthday card will be created. Koordinaten: Coordinates LAT: 53° 32.34'N, LON: 9° 51.5' E, Locator: JO43WN. QSL via Bureau. We hope you enjoy working us. A special QSL card will be created(with this picture) after this nice event. vy 73 de Thorsten Emme,DO7TED(OVV Finkenwerder E37), Andreas Spilker, DL1XAS(responsible for DR125HLK) und natürlich die Operator. Der Link zur Homepage von Finkenwerder mit weiteren Informationen: http://darc-finkenwerder.de und zum Hochseekutter:  http://www.hf231.de


01/07/2014: Look for HS50RAST to be active until December 31,2014, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Radio Amateur Societyof Thailand (RAST). QSL via E21EIC and LoTW


01/07/2014: Special station 8J125SSI celebrates the 125th Anniversary of Shisui-town. QRV from 1 July to 31 March 2015.


08/07/2014: Special Call E7100GP  for Commemorating 100 years from the beginning of World War I. Activity from multiple stations from Republic of Srpska from 8.7.2014 to 31.12.2014. Call letters "GP" represents  the name initials of Gavrilo Princip, young serbian freedom fighter who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 28 june 1914.  This act was later regarded as the sparkling point that started “The Great War”, but in Yugoslavia and especialy among Serbs Princip was recognized as a national hero and his action as "voice of people" towards freedom from foreign rulers.  


18/07/2014: To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Atsugi-city (JCC 1113), special callsign 8J1ATUGI will be active on all bands and modes between 18th July 2014 and 28 February 2015. Atsugi-city is located in Kanagawa prefecture, Kanto region, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via the Bureau is preferred way. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/08/2014: Special call DL777BBH for 777 Years Anniversary Babenhausen. This Call is activated to 31 March 2015. 777 years ago, in 1583, Babenhausen was first mentioned. The Augsburg Fugger took over in 1583 the rule and built the imposing castle, where they still live today. Among the Fugger Babenhausen the rule prospered and cultural flowering. In the years following the French Revolution Babenhausen was loyal to the emperor and empire. This was rewarded by the Counts Fugger with the awarding of today conducted market coat of arms. 1803 was the Imperial Principality of Babenhausen and 1806 incorporated in the Kingdom of Bavaria. Today, the market town of Babenhausen in Swabia counts about 5600 inhabitants.


04/08/2014: Members of the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group are QRV as EI1100WD until the end of 2014 to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the founding by Vikings in 914 of the town of Waterford. QSL via EI2HZB.

11/08/2014: Special station 8J7KOR celebrates the 90th anniversary of the town Koriyama (September 1). QRV from August 11 until the year's end.


19/08/2014: Jean, 5T0JL (ON8RA) will be active  as  5T0ITU  during  ITU  events such as the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (to be  held  in  Busan, South Korea on 20 October-7 November). ) and ITU Telecom World (to  be held in Doha, Qatar on 7-10 December).  The  special  callsign  was granted on 19 August and is valid for  one  year.  QSL  via  ON8RA:  [TNX F6AJA and Les Nouvelles DX]


01/09/2014: In 2014 Bulgaria marked 1,000 years since the death of Tsar (King) Samuel - ruler of the Bulgarian Empire between 997 and 1014. Не has gone down in history as the ruler who staunchly upheld this country’s independence at a difficult period for it. To commemorate this event a special event station signing LZ1000TS will be activated by a group of members of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) on all bands and modes between 1 September and 31 December 2014. QSL preferably via LZ QSL Bureau to LZ1BJ. According to original historical sources, Tsar Samuel was a man who knew no peace. He was constantly waging war and his troops were ever ready for battle. On the other hand, his death was truly tragic – he saw his 15,000 men return from captivity blinded (1 in 100 was left with one eye so as to lead the men back)! That was the reason why Byzantine Emperor Basil II received the sinister sobriquet of Bulgar-slayer. At the sight of his blinded men Samuel most likely had a heart attack and passed away a few days later (6 Oct 1014).  On QSL you can see a picture of Samuel's Fortress in Ohrid (now in Republic of Macedonia). Ohrid was the medieval capital of Bulgarian Empire during the rule of Tsar Samuel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_of_Bulgaria


13/09/2014: Members of the North Kent Radio Society draw attention to the history of Hall Place, a former stately home and communications centre during WWII, with the call GB0SFE. QRV until 15 March 2015.


20/09/2014: Special calls YO555BU, YP555BU, YQ555BU, and YR555BU all celebrate the 555th anniversary of Bucarest until 20 Sept. 2015. There is also an award available.


01/10/2014: ARI Bologna will be active as II4CDN from 1 October to 31  December to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Croce Del  Nord  (Northern Cross)  radiotelescope   (http://www.med.ira.inaf.it/index_EN.htm).  QSL via IZ4FUE, direct or bureau.


01/10/2014: 8J160KSW celebrates the 60th anniversary of the town Kashiwa until 31 March 2015 on HF.


01/10/2014: A group of Chilean amateurs operates the special event call CB1D until the end of the year to draw attention to the 30th anniversary of the scout group "Port of Iquique". QRV on HF in CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSL via XQ1FM (d/B), LoTW.


14/10/2014: DL0WRTC will be active until 13 October 2015, drawing attention to the WRTC 2018 event in Germany. QSL via DF1QR (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.  http://www.wrtc2018.de/


20/10/2014: Special call SN650B celebrates the 650th anniversary of the town Borzecin between Oct. 20 and the end of the year. QSL via SQ9CAQ (B).


31/10/2014: 7V60R, 7V7V, 7W9A and 7Y9A will be the  Amateurs  Radio  Algeriens' (7X2ARA) official stations celebrating the 60th anniversary of  the Algerian Revolution  from  31 October  through  31  December.  See  www.qrz.com/db/7V60R for further information.


01/11/2014: Special event station IY1EY will be active from 1 November to 31 December 2014 from Loano (www.ariloano.it) to commemorate the experiments conducted by Gugliemo Marconi from his yacht 'Elettra' in the Ligurian Sea between 1919 and 1936. Expect activity on all bands CW and SSB. QSL via IK1QBT. [425 DX News]

01/11/2014: Members of the South Pacific Contest Club (VK3HF) run the special event call VI16AC in the context of the 16th Asian Football Cup between Nov. 1 and 31 January 2015. QSL via VK3HF


01/11/2014: Special call DC0LGST and Special DOK: LGS15 for the Landesgartenschau Thüringen 2015. Operation period: Nov 01 2014 until Oct 31 2015. Bands: all between 160m - 23cm. Modes: CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, PSK, JT65 (HF+EME)


05/11/2014: Special event stations S507SLG and S507PMC will be on the air from November 5th 2014 till January 5th 2015. The main purpose is to promote the WW PMC CONTEST, which takes place on 03rd/04th January 2015. With this contest we are spreading a nobble idea of IAPMC organisation


01/12/2014: Look for special event station 8J7DRS to be active on all HF bands and modes between 1st December 2014 and 31 March 2015 for the 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Sendai, island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376). QSL via the JARL Bureau, preferred. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/12/2014: Special station 8N100ICT will be active on all bands and modes between 1st December 2014 and 30th November 2015 to celebrate 2 events - 1) The 100th Anniversary of Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center. 2) The 75th Anniversary of JJY, a standard time and frequency signals station. (Both operated by NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology). QSL via Bureau is preferred way. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

06/12/2014: Special callsign XM3G will be active on all bands and modes between 6th December 2014 and 4th January 2015 for the 200th Anniversary of the Treaty of Ghent. QSL via VE3RHE direct, LoTW or via the Bureau. See: www.ve3rhe.ca/ [IC]

16/12/2014: The Radio Club Of G.T.M. Grensloze Transmissie. Located In Kruibeke, Belgium, Will Be On The Air From 16 December 2014 Until 14 January 2015 With The Special Event Call ON70NUTS. This Station Is In Memory Of All Soldiers That Fought and Died During The"Battle Of The Bulge".in December 1944. On 22 December 1944  General Anthony Mcauliffe Thold The German Commander "Nuts" When He Was Asked To Surrender His Troops. It Was The Bloodiest Battle Fought By The U.S. Armee  During WWII. All Info @ Http://On7kec.Be/On70nuts


01/01/2015: The Special call GB50FRS of the Farnborough and District Radio Society to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Call will be active from 1 Jan 2015 until 31 Dec 2015


01/01/2015: Sonderrufzeichen DG150ZRS "150 Jahre Seenotretter" on air vom 01.01.2015 bis zum 31.12.2015. Aufgrund des 150-Jährigen Bestehens der Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger, kurz DGzRS, wird das Sonderrufzeichen auf allen Bändern on air sein. Wir, die unter diesem Rufzeichen Betrieb machen, hoffen auf zahlreiche Verbindungen. Wünschenswert wäre ebenfalls, dass sich der ein oder andere über die Arbeit der DGzRS informiert und sie vielleicht selbst unterstützt.


24/01/2015: GB4TLB will be active from 24th January through to 30th January 2015 to celebrate the work of the RNLI and the maritime emergency services as part of SOS Radio Week


01/05/2015: To celebrate 70 years of freedom in Margraten, The Netherlands, the Plusscouts PA3EFR/J will activate PH70CALM during the month of May 2015. PH70CALM will be active on all HF bands in both digital and voice modes. VHF will be active as well with a directional antenna some 23 meters above street level. It could be that during the official international commemoration we will adapt the moments of (radio) silence in order to respect the ceremonies and to avoid disturbance of the happenings on the adjecent located cemetary. SWL will be confirmed with the Special Event QSL card.


02/05/2015: The special event callsign GB3WOI is to activate and promote the Isle of Westray, Orkney Islands. WAB Locator HY54. QRA Locator IO89NG. Iota Ref EU009. It will  operate mainly on HF ( 40m & 20m ), but with conditions permitting, other HF and VHF bands, between the 2nd May 2015 and the 16th May 2015. Modes will be ssb and psk31, other if possible. Station will be operated by Elaine 2E1BVS, Val G6MML, John G3WFK, & Glenn G6HFF. QSL Direct only to Val G6MML, see QRZ.COM for detail. Please listen out for us operating under our own callsigns, activating various WAB squares and hopefully the one SOTA peak on the island.